About us

Non-profit organization for the settlement of different disputes

Whether trade or relations, we are there for you to resolve any dispute or conflict!

Set in 1978 with the aid of Government of Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) provides a system of dispute settlement to parties involved in trade and relations with and/or within the Asian and the Pacific Region. It administers all arbitrations at the international level and gives advice on resolving disputes.

We are masters of solving problems

Regardless of how complex or new a dispute may be, we can solve them for you. Our experience of over 40 years makes us specialize in this arena. We provide not only arbitration but also settlement options such as conciliation and mediation under the Conciliation Rules of the Centre.

We also provide technical aid as well as facilities for ad-hoc arbitrations. Just raise your query!

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