Our client in a problem
is like our family in problem!

We pull them out through our different services and Centre’s rules.


We strongly believe in ensuring sufficient protection amidst clashes and conflicts to the involved parties. This service is not only limited to families and relations but also to businesses and agencies involved in trade and commerce. The parties involved can be minors or residential. We go forward to relieve them legally, socially, and financially.

Marital dissociation and divorce

We are the experts in resolving marital conflicts and divorce cases with utmost care for both the parties. It is sadly becoming common to see marriages falling apart and families getting separated on the egoistic and monetary grounds. We try out best to keep them one wherever it is fairly possible.

Protective custody

We take pride in giving children and minors a safety net amidst different adversities. The reason could be anything that is likely to keep them unsafe but we have got all the alternate solutions to reassure safety and keep them protected without compromising their rights. Special care is also taken here for the child to come out of all shocks.

Orders of protection

This is certainly for ensuring full protection from any abuse, right prevention, violence, or harassment. Issued by the court, the orders of protection document is the primary tool for us to ensure protection to the deserving parties. We feel its importance strongly for resolving many disputes in a fairly manner.

The facilities on offer are top-notch!

Our facilities for resolving disputes are sufficient and comprehensive. Ranging right from hearing and waiting rooms to secretarial and catering services, there is nothing we fall short of or is likely to cause inconvenience or unnecessary delays.

We also offer catering facilities and access to a tropical garden. While these are not the essentials, we feel that they are essential based on the humanitarian grounds.

Always targeting the most beneficial approach

We believe in giving justice in the fairest way. So, whatever we do is within the legal, social, and human boundaries. We are never inclined towards one entity or aspect but rather listen to the case carefully and then take a fair approach. We believe that only such an approach can be the most beneficial one.