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Young Practitioners Group KLRCA

Due to growing interest to the KLRCA in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide, a decision has been made to establish the Young Practitioners Group KLRCA (“YPG KLRCA”) for people interested in dispute resolution field (under 40 years old). Today KLRCA has vast experience in working with young international lawyers and students, both as members of our legal team and interns.

YPG KLRCA intends to promote dispute resolution in the region and beyond. With the assistance and know-how of the KLRCA, the YPG KLRCA will be able to address the hot topics in this field and communicate its ideas.

Work of the group will be focused on a variety of dispute resolution methods (arbitration, adjudication, mediation, etc.), and participation of non-lawyers is also highly encouraged. The launch of this platform will create synergies between experienced and young practitioners.

Membership is free, and have many advantages: free access and discounts to the KLRCA events, invitation to the different seminars organized, opportunity to be on top of legal updates in Malaysia and worldwide, opportunity to bring your ideas and exchange experience and much more.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to cooperate with you!